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Highlander: The Source

"Now, we watch the Highlander movie!"
"I need more wine." -- Ith & I

Ooo! It's Duncan MacLeod. He needs to shave.

He's the Highlander, he's Immortal, and a super hero! Jump off the building and attack!

Oh, my... He actually jumped!

The little scroll that shows peoples name and occupation is too funny.

OK... this is way too much like a super hero comic book movie... He needs to stop posing and attack.

OK... who's the guy in the funny half mask... It's the super villain! Can he actually see in that thing?

Methos has lost his secret identity... The poor man.

"The light of the cosmos is literally reaching out to us." What, the universe wants to reach out and touch someone? Use a damn phone.

The whole movie takes place 'Across town - same time'. Time has stopped! The end is nigh. Oh, wait, it probably is.

That poor sword... I wouldn't use a sword to cut through a metal chain.

And, why was the doors chained shut when there was a gung-ho security guard inside?

Look, it's a jawa! Oh, wait... it's a woman, who's acting like a jawa.

What the hell? There's tv and internet access, and power in a post-apocalyptic city. OK... realistic... not!

A cardinal with a coif like a punk rocker... Yeah, right...

Glowing sand good... Guy in weird half mask bad...

The fighting works better if they actually fight instead of just wave their swords around...

Shoot him again! Shoot him again! You know you want to, Joe! Shoot him! It'll make you feel better!

God! The hair, and the outfit... That is so not a Cardinal look...

"Leather's a really good look for you, Methos." Oh, he is so right...

Ith just made a comment, "And, now, they meet Jabba the Hutt." Oh, she was so right.

OK... singing guardians are so passe...

You killed Joe! You bastard!

The only good thing I can think about this movie is... well... there are two things. A) I can probably get some nice icons out of the visuals... maybe, and B) I'll have forgotten 99% of the plot in a few weeks, just lke I did with Endgame...

"Anna, this doesn't make sense."
"Yes, it does." -- Ummm... no, it doesn't

At least we have a time line, thanks to the little scrolling letters.

Cannibals in the Baltic Sea?! Who knew... I sure didn't!

How many times are we going to see the hanging dead man? It's like the director was trying to do something artistic with a hanging corpse...

Oh, the guys covering the Queen song? Bad, bad, bad, bad, baaaaaaad!

I need more wine.

Oh look, there's no gas in the abandoned gas station. Gasp of shock and awe.

I think Ith's right... Reggie does have a bottomless flask.

Bah... I actually liked Reggie.

"Now, what?"
"It's a horror movie, Methos. What do you think?" -- Methos and Ith

Giovanni needs beheading... He's a whiny little boy. And, he's insane.

Ith came up with a good point... It's all the peroxide in his hair.

When Anna gets to the source, the Guardian in the background... -snort- He's like a prancing little pony or a fairie...

-sigh- Duncan and his boy scout complex... Someone hit him. Please...

Okay, obviously, someone did hit Methos upside the head. He left his sword in a tree while being chased by cannibals. idiot.

Wow, I'm surprised the planets haven't hit each other.

Yeah, we want to watch the Guardian fondle his sword...

Wow, it's Highlander meets the Matrix.

Wow... she's in a cosmic dryer on spin cycle!

OK, the whole waving of the swords doesn't look cool, it looks stupid.

When did Anna's hair get braided?! The whole cosmic alignment must of come with a hair stylist and make-up artist...

"He leaps like Peter Pan!"
"I need more wine." -- Ith and I

"It's freeze dried baby!"
-rolls eyes- -- Ith and I

That's it?

That's it?


OK... that was worse than Vampire Cop, and considering that was soft porn and had no plot, no acting, no nothing, that's pretty damn bad.
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