Ninjababe (ninjababe) wrote,

This made me laugh until I cried...

I found out about this today... McPharmacy...

It looks like it's a tag on youtube that anyone can use to basically show situations that in a pharmacy using xtranormal (which turns typed text into a computer movie).

Be careful searching youtube though... Some of these are so not work safe!

The three I'm linking here are mostly work safe though... There is one word I didn't get the first three times I saw one of these...

So, McPharmacy...

When the pharmacist started to talk about the side effects of the medication, every single coworker said the drug name, pretty much at the same time.

And, yes, we have to have all the information listed to bill insurance.

McPharmacy and the new insurance...

Yes, this really happens... I've been given cards for one patient that go back decades.

So, please... When you get a new card for your insurance, take the old cards out of your wallet!

McPharmacy and the drive-thru...

The bell! The bell! The dreaded bell!

And, yes, I have heard every single one of those phrases from patients in the videos... Usually multiple lines in one conversation.
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