Just posting to say I'm still wandering the internets... :D

I think I'll be finishing my yearly rewatch of 'Band of Brothers' this week and weekend, then do a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon...

Thanks to my brother, I'm delving into the Mass Effect remake. It's so pretty -sparkly eyes-

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So much for a post a day...




And, I don't really feel like posting today, as I just found out that one of my first 'net friends has died...




Otterly Evil</lj>, aka eviltammy, (otterevil on LJ) aka Tammy Williams died on April 22nd, 2014. I just found out today.




http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/spartanburg/obituary.aspx?n=tamatha-renee-williams&pid=170818510&referrer=0&preview=True" This is all the information available at the moment.



It Begins...

The winds do not cool, but only move hot air.

The tumbleweeds skitter across the roads.

The sun beats down mercilessly from a cloudless sky.

Heat radiates from everywhere, even the ground.

You can almost hear the theme music from a Clint Eastwood western sitting in the oppressive air.

Summer is coming...


It reached 100°F today.

Yes, it's summer in Southern Utah.

Air conditioning is my friend!

I'm counting it...

It may be after midnight here, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'm counting this as my daily post for May 26th 2014.


I didn't watch Sailor Moon today. I spent the day playing Millennium: A New Hope. It's a game in the style of an 90s RPG about a teenage girl's quest to help the countryside by winning the election of the capital city through 13 trials of unarmed combat. It's the first in a five part series. It's fun. It features a female protagonist joined by her whiny cousin who practices martial arts, a woman crocodile hunter, and a warrior monk.


Along the way, you meet interesting things. Most of which, you kill. :-D


There aren't many dungeons, really. But each one is huge and multi - tiered. Until certain events in the story line, you can't reach areas of the dungeons...


I liked it enough that I'll buy the rest of the series... Someday.


Sailor Moon episode 2

Note: I'm not going to be talking about nothing but Sailor Moon here... I'm just catching up. There are currently four episodes up, with the fifth and sixth slated to drop tomorrow...

Season 1, Episode 2: Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion

This episode wasn't available (legally) in the US before this month according to Viz Media, who has the current rights. Probably because of the scene where Umino flipped up Ms. Haruna's skirt...

I had actually forgotten about Umino's crush on Usagi. And, Usagi's never-ending crush on Motoki.

How could I have forgotten that?

Usagi using her shoe as a 'coin' to decide if she should go to the fortune teller was cute. And, Mamoru getting hit in the head with it. :-)

The fight music at the end sounds like the MacGyver theme song. Now I have the image of him in a fuku. Make it stop!

There were places in the episode that I giggled muchly, but was too involved in watching to write it down...

Sailor Moon!

So, I learned recently that Viz Media has gained the rights to Sailor Moon. Why is this cool? A) I adore Sailor Moon. B) Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are no longer cousins, but lovers as in the original Japanese version. And, this time, they're using the original names. So I don't have to remember that Serena is Usagi, and Darien is Mamoru, etc. C) It's subbed, so I can hear the original voices. I prefer subtitles when possible (except for one YuYu Hakusho movie that the dubbed voice of Hiei... Le Rrowr!!!)

Anyway, I decided to write notes while I watch.

I've seen probably about ¾th of the series, on the American dubbed version. So, I know basically what's going on. But, it's been about two decades, so it's new and shiny!

Season 1 Episode 1: Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation

This is awesome!

I'd forgotten that the first episode was the jewelry store. For some reason, I thought it happened later...

And, this is why you always lose, Jedite. You get greedy and end up drawing the attention of the Sailor Scouts. Who ends up kicking your monster's ass and you lose it all. No wonder Queen Beryl keeps yelling at you!

I found it interesting that Luna used the -chan suffix when she first talked to Usagi. Granted, Usagi is 14 and Luna is older, but I found it a bit too familiar.

Crying as a superpower (this is how Sailor Moon knocked out the zombie-women in the jewelry store)... Only Usagi! And, if I remember correctly (Granted, it's been awhile), this is the only time her hair jewels transmit her crying to knock the bad guys out.

And, that's what I wrote for episode 1.

It was hard to write, because I was in my car, at lunch, my phone resting against the steering wheel as I watched. It didn't make taking notes easy...

(note to self - make a Sailor Moon icon)


So... Um... Hi.

Yeah, I haven't posted here in awhile.

Let's change that.

I'm going to try and post something every day. Even if it's nothing but a sentence.

This doesn't count.

Let's get it started!